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Document Capture

Scan and convert your business documents into ready-to-use digital formats that are editable, searchable and shareable for a seamless workflow.

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Boost productivity and reduce operational costs with a document scanning tool that facilitates intelligent processing.

Improved data accuracy and speed.

Now more than ever we rely on accurate data to make good business decisions. Our product uses best-in-class optical character recognition (OCR) technology, ensuring your documents are captured accurately and rapidly into data ready for use across your business.  

Seamless integration. 

No need to purchase new software or install special applications – our product connects with most ERP systems. Simply forward your documents to us and our platform will manage the entire scanning, converting and file upload process.

Go further with smart document processing.

Set pre-defined workflows and approval processes to speed up the automatic handling, validating and routing of business documents across your organisation. Eliminate manual tasks and errors associated with data entry, and only step in when there are exceptions. 

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Data digitalisation is the process of converting physical or analog information into digital format, enabling easy storage, retrieval, and analysis of data. It differs from traditional data processing methods, which often involve manual handling of physical documents and data entry into computer systems, leading to slower processing and higher chances of errors.

OCR technology plays a vital role in data digitalisation processes by converting scanned images or printed text into machine-readable and editable text. It interprets the characters present in the document and converts them into digital data, facilitating automated data extraction and analysis.

Rest assured that Pacific Commerce expertly takes care of the whole process so that potential challenges such as data security concerns, data quality issues, compatibility with existing systems, employee training, and lack of a well-defined data strategy will not keep you awake at night.

By incorporating intelligent automation and process management, organisations can achieve enhanced control over their data processes, significantly improve operational efficiency, and deliver higher levels of customer satisfaction by optimising how they collect, interpret, and respond to data and content.

How does Pacific Commerce ensure compliance and auditing during the data digitalisation process?

Our data digitalisation service has compliance and auditing built into its processes, ensuring that data is handled securely and meeting regulatory requirements throughout the automation journey.

How does it work...

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100% Australian-owned

All data is stored and processed onshore and local support is always available to assist with any enquiry.

ISO27001 certified

That means we have strict controls in place to ensure security of all the information we process.

Over 20 years of experience

We have a proven track record of assisting the digital transformation of over 100 businesses.

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