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Timber & Hardware Exchange

Dedicated electronic document exchange (EDI) service managed and supported by Pacific Commerce, designed for businesses operating in the timber and hardware industry trading with the Independent Hardware Group (comprising Mitre 10 and Home Hardware stores).

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A secure, B2B EDI service for timber and hardware suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers to trade easily and get paid quicker.

No need to implement new accounting or ERP software. 

Our platform speaks a universal language and is able to seamlessly integrate into your current operating system. Yes, you do not need to install new software and our team will assist you with the connection, providing all the support you need to make this process a smooth and easy one. 

Manage your product information effortlessly.

We understand the complexities behind managing an extensive product portfolio. This is why we have built the Timber & Hardware Exchange to support cataloguing, helping you manage your product information effectively so that your timber and hardware buyers, including Mitre10 and Home Hardware stores, can find what they want every time. 

Ability to read and translate any file format.

Using PDF invoices? Or XMLs? Or any other proprietary file formats? Regardless of the output from your business system, our technology is able to translate the file format automatically to match IHG's systems. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to efficiency and getting paid quickly.

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A collective of independently owned and operated hardware stores that work together under the Mitre 10 and Home Hardware brand names.

Any business operating in the timber and hardware industry, including suppliers, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, builders and contractors.

As a dedicated timber and hardware exchange, it is tailored to the unique characteristics of the timber and hardware industries.  A focused online marketplace for timber and hardware products, where retailers can enrich their product offerings, simplify procurement processes, expand reach and access an extensive range of suppliers and competitive pricing.

As a B2B EDI Exchange, the T&HE handles document translation through an any-to-any translation capability, formatting files in formats like EDI, XML, flat files, or proprietary formats.  Each participant receives documents in their preferred format directly into their accounting system.

Why work with us?

100% Australian-owned

All data is stored and processed onshore and local support is always available to assist with any enquiry.

ISO27001 certified

That means we have strict controls in place to ensure security of all the information we process.

Over 20 years of experience

We have a proven track record of assisting the digital transformation of over 100 businesses.

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