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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

We are an EDI provider specialising in connecting your business with new trading partners anywhere across the world.

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What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) facilitates the digital exchange of business documents, such as purchase orders and  invoices, between you and your trading partners. It is designed to improve operational efficiencies and eliminate paper trails through standardisation of information passing between different business operating systems without manual intervention.

Connect with your trading partners quickly and easily. 

All information is automatically processed, converted and sent to your trading partners and vice versa. This may include purchase orders, invoices, payments, shipping notices and other procurement-related documents. Save expenses associated with paper orders and enhance turnaround times.

Say goodbye to errors and mistakes.

EDI replaces the manual processes involved in ordering and distribution, which in turn reduces errors and mistakes created by the manual keying of hard-to-read data and information. Enjoy greater accuracy and speed of communication.

Integrate with the tools you use everyday.

From SAP to Odoo or Microsoft, our EDI solution is system agnostic and we integrate with all major ERP/CRM/accounting platforms. This means you will have the flexibility to retain your current systems and still connect with all your trading partners. 

Let our friendly team guide you through the setup so that you can focus on doing the things that matters most – growing your business and increasing revenue.

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We integrate with all major ERP/CRM systems

EDI at a glance


Organisations of all sizes and across all industries may use EDI to enhance the way they transact with their trading partners. It improves efficiency and security during the data exchange process, and helps to streamline operations too by reducing double handling.

EDI supports the processing of various business documents, including purchase orders, invoices, credit notes, shipping notices, catalogs, and more. The specific document types that can be processed may vary depending on the implementation and requirements of the participating businesses.

If lack of technology is holding back business growth and limiting sales with your trading partners, and you need to reduce the reliance on manual data entry, adoption of EDI will provide immediately results.  By automating the exchange of business documents into a standardised electronic format, you will realise improved accuracy of information, faster transaction processing and open your business up to new trading partner relationships, whilst meeting the demands of digital commerce.

Many suppliers not be familiar with EDI or its benefits.  Explain benefits such as enhanced efficiency, cost savings, improved data quality and better relationships with their supply chain.  Educate and train on how EDI can improve business processes and trading partner relationships. Engage an experienced and reputable EDI VAN to provide the technical assistance required to set your supplier up for success by offering training, support and troubleshooting resources to address any concerns.  

Don't underestimate the importance of engaging with an experienced and reputable EDI VAN (value added network) who will work with you to plan and execute a successful EDI onboarding experience and then act as an intermediary or middleman in the transmission of EDI data.  They will facilitate the exchange of EDI messages between trading partners by handling the technical complexities of message routing, translation, security and monitoring leaving you to focus on core operations whilst growing your trading partner network.

Pacific Commerce are ISO27001 (Information Security Management System - ISMS) certified.  Strictly conforming to ISO27001 standards ensures our best-practice systems manage risks related to the security of data owned or handled by us and operates as a tool for risk management, cyber-resilience and operational excellence.

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100% Australian-owned

All data is stored and processed onshore and local support is always available to assist with any enquiry.

ISO27001 certified

That means we have strict controls in place to ensure security of all the information we process.

Over 20 years of experience

We have a proven track record of assisting the digital transformation of over 100 businesses.

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