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Pacific Health Exchange

An EDI service designed to facilitate sending and receiving of procurement documents (e.g. purchase orders, invoices) between businesses, pharmacies and hospitals operating across the Australian healthcare industry.

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Trade seamlessly with partners across the Australian healthcare industry.

No need to worry about document formats.

Say goodbye to issues resulting from trading partners using incompatible accounting or ordering systems. Using our advanced document translation technology, all documents can now be converted to your preferred format and exchanged seamlessly, all without the need for you to implement different ERP systems or programs.

Trade with surgical precision. 

Replace your paper orders and invoices with accurate electronic messages. The Pacific Health Exchange can help you eliminate errors often caused by manual keying of documents, saving time and allowing you to process orders and payments quicker. 

Flexible, secure and reliable.

Enjoy improved data security with documents sent directly to your trading partner's ERP system, instead of through emails. All our systems have full audit tracking and traceability to ensure your documents reach their destination.

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Pacific Health Exchange is suitable for...

Medical device/equipment manufacturers

Medicine suppliers

Healthcare product whoesalers



Healthcare industry participants such as suppliers, wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacies, NDIS providers and care facilities.

Controlled and secure e-commerce communication system tailored to the health sector. A broad range of messaging standards such as GS1 XML are incorporated to create a set of standard messages and ensure reliable and importantly, accurate document exchange.

We have been sending and receiving time-critical business documents quickly and securely since 2001.

The PHE seamlessly integrates with the National Product Catalogue (NPC), a centralised repository of product information used in the healthcare industry that enables healthcare suppliers and wholesalers to access real-time product-based information from the NPC during business transactions.

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100% Australian-owned

All data is stored and processed onshore and local support is always available to assist with any enquiry.

ISO27001 certified

That means we have strict controls in place to ensure security of all the information we process.

Over 20 years of experience

We have a proven track record of assisting the digital transformation of over 100 businesses.

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