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A better way to manage your accounts payable (AP) processes. Clearway is an AP automation tool that makes the reviewing and approval of invoices before payment simple and easy.

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​Stop manually sorting invoices and start processing them automatically with an AP automation software that saves your business time and reduces costs.​

Capture data accurately, simple approval process.

Harnessing the power of our scanning technology, each invoice (paper or electronic) is processed and the details are automatically entered into editable fields for you to review, amend, approve or reject. Send to your managers for further approvals if required, we can customise the process to suit your workflow. 

Smarter validation - automatic 2 or 3-way matching.

What if we told you there is an easier way to get your invoices verified for payment? Yes, our tool has the smarts to do automatic matching of invoices with purchase orders and goods receipt notices. In addition, it is able to validate and route approval requests to the appropriate people based on your defined AP workflow. Say hello to improved efficiency and goodbye to onerous manual tasks.

Keep your suppliers smiling.

Help your AP team identify bottlenecks in their workflow. Clearway provides an audit trail and shows you the areas where efficiencies could be further gained. Eliminate delays and improve your payment timelines when you speed up your approval process. Happy suppliers, happy business!

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An accounts automation solution that combines content and business processes to create an automated workflow for invoice management.  Seamlessly integrates with your enterprise system and simplifies the process of reviewing and approving supplier invoices before payment.

A digital data capture process that is capable of processing various invoice types, including handwritten, printed, PDF, and EDI invoices. Incorporation of  advanced technologies such optical character recognition (OCR) deliver machine-readable and editable formats, ensuring accurate and efficient extraction of critical data.

Real-time visibility over purchase orders, invoices and goods received. Clearway stores all invoices in an easily searchable central location, and captures and processes invoices in real-time, as soon as they hit your inbox, enabling swift processing and faster payment cycles.

After storing in a central location and categorised based on specified criteria, Clearway forwards invoices to respective stakeholders for approval. It supports multiple approval levels and validates invoices using header or header and line-level matching to ensure accuracy and PO matching.

  • Receipt of invoices through various channels such as email, fax, PDF documents.
  • Data extraction through our OCR technology, analysing, identifying and extracting critical information such as invoice number, date, line items, and amounts.
  • Verification and validation against predefined rules and criteria.
  • Manual verification in case of any discrepancies or exceptions.
  • Integration with organisation's enterprise system for further processing and approval workflows.

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That means we have strict controls in place to ensure security of all the information we process.

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We have a proven track record of assisting the digital transformation of over 100 businesses.

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